Flash banners

Our bright flash banners will not only increase appeal of your products and services, but  will also increase a number of clicks, and thus CTR.  Order an animated flash banner today and increase your reputation in the worldwide net!

 Flash banner types

  • Flash banner
  • Interactive flash banner (adds interactivity with the user)
  • Video banner


Basics of successful banner

Pace of modern life leaves no time for long preamble and introduction. Flash banners – a great way to quickly deliver the information,  increase the number of website visits and simultaneously start interaction with the target audience.

We can turn any idea into a flash banner, such as promotion of your company, advertising particular service  or interactive flash-animation on the corporate website.

Bright memorable visual concept

Bright visual image is easy to remember and attracts attention! Visual image – firm anchor, beacon of the internet, that helps to easily remember your company and create a positive representation.

Short, neat, clear message

Clear and short message instantly engages the user, causing interest and explaining your benefits.

Call for action

Thoughtfully scripted flash-banner, gently pushes user to act.