Media planning

Ad campaign planning – is a fundamental part of advertising. If creativity is a facade that is visible to all, planning is a complex engineering construction.

Basic methods are:

  • TV
  • Press
  • Radio
  • Internet

Basics of successful media planning

Goals and objectives of media planning

The purpose of advertising campaign can be to increase  sales of certain goods in general (both by attracting new customers and by stimulating old ones), introduction of new product on the market, strengthen old product recognition, companie’s or product image transformation and so on. Media planning goals depend on advertising purpose.

Advertising budget.

Media planning and media placement heavily dependends on the size of advertising budget. Effectiveness of media placement can be harmed either way by insufficient or excessive budget,  overexposure of contact between the target audience and the advertising message in some cases can lead to its rejection.

Analysis of media channels

Depending on what kind of media you want to opt for your advertising campaign, conducts an analysis of various factors, and based on that data, step by step media plan for presentation of your advertising material is being prepared.