Visual advertising

Visual advertising – one of the most common and polular channels in the world.

 Features of outdoor advertising:

  • Because of its size, posters attract attention;
  • Most of the posters are  colorful, with realistic images;
  • Correctly selected positioning of the poster, makes an effective advertising campaign;
  • Colorful posters perpetuate the story in consumer’s memory.


Basics of successful visual advertising 

Compact information presentation

Using short texts and simple images. On average, the contact with the advertising material is only a couple of secodns and that should be enough time for a person on the go to get all the information. This principle applies to any text advertising.

Large shrifts and contrast colors.

On average, outdoor advertising is perceived from a distance of tens or even hundreds of meters. This is another significant difference from other types of outdoor advertising. Even without taking into account the different visual acuity of people, it is clear that within such distance people can understand only large lettering, sharp images and vibrant colors.

Focus on one idea or message

The idea should be understandable from first sight.  Advertising, regardless of its type – is not only a business but also a creativity.  And no matter how great is the value of technical implementation, there is always place for creativity.  A good idea makes advertising effective.